About Us
You Imagine, We create.
Spezar Tech
Spezar tech’s aim is to engage and build customized innovative solutions that can reduce factual difficulties and elevate scientific possibilities. Building and creating machines, robots, and automated structures to solve the existing challenges is our primary goal.
Spezar Tech also focuses on aspects that help our clients with effective problem-solving strategies keeping in mind to reduce the danger, repetition, and physically difficult aspects of work to establish efficient and flawless products.
We want Spezar Tech to show this is where incredible inspirations are created to enhance your infrastructure.
We innovate for your needs, so your problem is our growth which we prioritize and give the maximum time to solve and improve. Being a startup led by a young entrepreneur shows the world that we are already eager to face and come out of the obstacles that are in our path and durable to do it for a long time.

About the Founder
Riyasdeen Samsudeen, young entrepreneur, Founder, and CEO of Spezar tech Pvt. Ltd. started this venture with a common motive in his mind “Soldering Technology with Inaccessible”. He has experience of 5+ years in the field of Robotics & Automation and Embedded systems. He is also specialized in IoT, 3D printing technologies, 3D modeling & designing, Product development, Space technologies, and related domains. He has also trained and mentored a lot of young students.

”There is no substitute for perfection Because in the end, it is what makes you one step above from the crowd!!”

- S Riyasdeen (Founder)

Spezar Tech was established with aspiration and determination to give accurate and powerful solutions to solve day-to-day problems in the industrial or domestic sections. His hope and hard work are the elixirs to the massive growth of this company.
He wanted to build his company forged with foundation layers that accommodate efficiency, work ethics, and client satisfaction as the topmost priority.
The Crew
Riyasdeen Samsudeen
Kevin Arokiasamy
Head - Business operations
Arun V
Electronics Engineer
Krishnakanth G
3D Modeler
Sasidharan R
Backend Developer
Vishal C
Frontend Developer
Adithya R
Content Developer
Nakkul A
App & Cloud Developer
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