Pioneering the Future.
We Build Robots.
Robotic Platforms
We can develop Robotic platforms to leverage a scalable, high power density, system that has been tested to transportation standards and mass-produced for your needs. Add to that the flexible and modular RP split-processing architecture and control system, and you have a mobile robot platform technology that nothing in its class can touch.
Automated Guided Vehicles
We build AGVs that are fully autonomous robots that move and transport items in production, warehouse, and distribution centers without manual intervention or permanent conveying systems and are customisable for your needs.They are most often used in industrial applications to transport heavy materials around a large industrial building, such as a factory or warehouse
Semi-Autonomous Assistive robots
By using telepresence robots to greet people, provide information, front desk services, storage services and even in the medical sector for various purposes. These reduce human direct intervention in public spots and embellish a center of attraction to your business. Usage of assistive robots is monumental in boosting your productivity.
Surveillance Robots
Surveillance robots can be used to monitor the behavior, activities, and other changing information in the warehouses or outdoors. They can be customized to specifications for managing surveillance activities to reduce your workload.
Inspection robots
These robots are equipped with cameras, we make these robots to inspect tight spaces. They go everywhere you can't go. It can inspect into attics, inside ducts, down sewers and through culverts and pipes.